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Elizabeth Thompson
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Bard Ermentrout
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Shuxing Li
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Jon Chaika
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Naomi Leonard
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Yanqin Fan
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1,994 An Introduction to Randomized Algorithms for Matrix Computations
Ilse C.F. Ipsen
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Joan Boyer
1,993 Effective Equidistribution of Horospherical Flows in Infinite Volume
Nattalie Tamam
1,988 Geometric Langlands for hypergeometric sheaves
Masoud Kamgarpour
1,985 Quantum State Transfer on Graphs
Christopher van Bommel
1,977 An Overview of Knots and Gauge Theory
Edward Witten
1,976 $E_2$ algebras and homology - 2 of 2
Soren Galatius
1,966 A Snapshot of Early 20th Century Women Mathematicians
Kieka Mynhardt
1,962 The nonlinear eigenvalue problem: recent developments
Françoise Tisseur
1,962 Geometric Aspects of Arithmetic Statistics - 2 of 2
Jordan Ellenberg
1,940 A survey on weak optimal transport
Nathael Gozlan
1,939 On generalized hyperpolygons
Laura Schaposnik
1,938 Mathematics, Colonization and Empire
Tom Archibald, SFU
1,932 Almost-Prime Times in Horospherical Flows
Taylor McAdam
1,929 Enumerative geometry via the A^1-degree
Sabrina Pauli