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770 BCData 2018 Career Panel
Bernard Chan
770 BCData 2018 Career Panel
Michael Reid
770 BCData 2018 Career Panel
Aanchan Mohan
770 BCData 2018 Career Panel
Soyean Kim
770 BCData 2018 Career Panel
Parin Shah
694 Optimal Investment for an Insurance Company
Alexandru Badescu
688 Quantifying Gerrymandering: A mathematician goes to court
Jonathan Christopher Mattingly
680 Ranks of elliptic curves
Brian Conrey
667 Class Numbers of Certain Quadratic Fields
Kalyan Chakraborty
650 Using mathematics to fight cancer
Ami Radunskaya
618 Some specialization problems in Geometry and Number Theory
Umberto Zannier
577 Mathematical Cell Biology Summer Course Lecture 30
529 Conjectures, heuristics, and theorems in arithmetic statistics - 2 of 2
Wei Ho
411 Factors of Gibbs measures on subshifts (1 of 2)
Sophie MacDonald
391 Polya’s Program for the Riemann Hypothesis and Related Problems
Ken Ono
358 Bratteli-Vershik models for Cantor and Borel dynamical systems
Shrey Sanadhya
354 Gaps of saddle connection directions for some branched covers of tori
Anthony Sanchez
334 Birational geometry and algebraic cycles
Burt Totaro
302 Multiscale multicellular modeling of tissue function and disease using...
James Glazier
298 A Bratteli-Vershik model for $\mathbb{Z^2}$ actions, or how cohomology...
Ian Putnam
284 Symmetry, bifurcation, and multi-agent decision-making
Naomi Leonard
281 Veech's Criterion for a process to be prime
Jon Chaika
276 Binocular Rivalry; Modeling by Network Structure
Marty Golubitsky
264 Almost-Prime Times in Horospherical Flows
Taylor McAdam
263 Unique ergodicity of horocycle flows on compact quotients of SL(2,R)...
Jon Chaika