Welcome to mathtube.org!

What is mathtube.org?

mathtube.org is a new multimedia resource hosted by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences. mathtube.org gives users easy access to mathematical seminar and lecture materials including videos notes and slides.

mathube.org allows users to view slides and video simultaneously, making it convenient to follow a lecture at your own pace and review anything you have missed.

Why do we need mathtube.org?

mathube.org was created to meet the increasing requests for access to past PIMS lectures and seminars.

mathtube.org gives global exposure to PIMS events and gives those who attend our lectures the chance to go back and review a particular talk; or those who don't, a chance to see what they've missed. This new resource also gives added value to conference organizers and participants, as well as a great forum to see world-class speakers from all areas of mathematical and applied mathematics.

These materials are an important resource and include contributions from some of the world's most distinguished contemporary mathematicians, for example the PIMS distinguished lecturer series, Shell lunchbox lectures and the recent Applied Mathematics Perspectives workshops.

Who is mathtube.org for?

mathtube.org is for those interested and engaged in the Mathematical Sciences. Whether you are an undergraduate student, researcher, industrial professional or mathematics school teacher, mathtube.org includes useful content that will help advance you in your field.

Where are the videos from?

The videos are taken at PIMS member universities, but feature speakers from around the world.

What areas of study does mathtube.org cover?

mathtube.org includes lectures from a many areas of mathematics and applied mathematics. mathtube.org features lectures from the PIMS IGTC (International Graduate Training Center) in Mathematical Biology and the Collaborative Research Groups (CRG). There are currently four CRGs, Operator Algebras and Non-commutative Geometry (2009-2012), Mathematics of Quantum Information (2010-2013), Number Theory (2010-2013) and Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis (2011-2014). mathtube.org also includes videos from education conferences such as 'Changing the Culture' which explores the science of teaching mathematics.