PIMS Collaborative Research Groups

A Collaborative Research Group (CRG) typically consists of researchers with a common research interest and with a common desire to collaboratively develop some aspects of their research programs. The groups may already exist, organizing joint seminars and workshops, making joint PDF appointments, or developing joint graduate training programs, but will have the potential to do much more, given resources and organizational structure through PIMS.
Every year, the PIMS Scientific Review Panel (SRP) will select, on a competitive basis, from the proposals, several areas of research. CRGs are generally developed with the advice of PIMS starting with a letter of intent accepted by the SRP. More details are available at http://pims.math.ca/scientific/call-proposals. Proposals can vary greatly according to the needs of the particular group and may combine a number of existing PIMS activities.

Further information on PIMS CRG activities can be found on the PIMS website (CRG).