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Daniel Gomez
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Edgar Knobloch
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Jay Newby
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Andrew Krause
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Tudor Dimofte
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Alastair Jamieson-Lane
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Miroslav Rapčák
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Thomas Hillen
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Thomas Theurer
1,091 Mathematician Helping Art Historians and Art Conservators
Ingrid Daubechies
1,090 Picture A Scientist Panel Discussion: Lilian Eva (Quan) Dyck
Lilian Eva (Quan) Dyck
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Evan Miller
1,081 Differential Equations and Algebraic Geometry - 5
Andreas Malmendier
1,081 Small prime k-th power residues modulo p
Kübra Benli
1,078 Divided Power Algebras
Sacha Ikonicoff
1,075 High-Order Accuracy Computation of Coupling Functions for Strongly...
Youngmin Park
1,075 Transcendental values of power series and dynamical degrees
Holly Kreiger
1,074 Solving clustering problems via new swarm intelligent algorithms
Vardan Narula
1,074 Cutoff for random walks on random graphs at the entropic time
Jonathan Hermon
1,071 Branes, Quivers, and BPS Algebras 2 of 4
Miroslav Rapčák