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Andy Neitzke
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Edgar Knobloch
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Ziv Goldfeld
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Vardan Narula
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Barak Weiss
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Barak Weiss
1,409 Towards a Mathematical Theory of Developmental Biology: Lecture 1
Geoff Schiebinger
1,408 Picture A Scientist Panel Discussion: Lilian Eva (Quan) Dyck
Lilian Eva (Quan) Dyck
1,407 Branes, Quivers, and BPS Algebras 4 of 4
Miroslav Rapčák
1,407 The Geometric Structure of Possible Singularities for the Navier-Stokes...
Evan Miller
1,405 Quantum Operations as Resources
Thomas Theurer
1,405 Local statistics for zeros of Artin--Schreier $L$-functions
Alexei Entin
1,404 Dynamic Self Organization and Microscale Fluid Properties of Nucleoplasm
Jay Newby
1,403 Rotary Molecular Motors Driven By Transmembrane Ionic Currents
Charles S Peskin
1,401 Optimal transport theory in incomplete econometric models
Marc Henry
1,400 Boundary Layer Solutions in the Gierer-Meinhardt System
Daniel Gomez