Epidemiology CovidSimABM: An Agent-Based Model of Contagion

Speaker: Ernie Chang

Date: Mon, Jun 22, 2020

Location: Zoom

Conference: CAIMS- PIMS Coronavirus Modelling Conference

Subject: Mathematics, Mathematical Biology

Class: Scientific


This is the prototype of an agent based model for a closed universe of a population experiencing a contagion-based epidemic, in which risk factors, movement, time of incubation and asymptomatic infection are all parameters. The model allows the operator to intervene at any step and change parameters, thus analytically visualizing the effect of policies like more testing, contract tracing, and shelter in place. Under current development, CovidSimMV is an ABM that supports a Multiverse of different environments, in which agents move from one to another according to ticket with stops. Each universe has its own characteristic mix of residents, transients and attached staff, and persons are able to adopt different roles and characteristics in different universes. The fundamental disease characteristics of incubation, asymptomatic infection, confirmed cases will be preserved. The Multiverse model will support a rich diversity of environments and interpersonal dynamics. These are JavaScript programs that can be run in a browser as HTML files. The code is open source, and available on github.com/ecsendmail.