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828 Modelling collective cell movement in biology and medicine
Philip Maini
822 Cutoff for random walks on random graphs at the entropic time
Jonathan Hermon
820 Divided Power Algebras
Sacha Ikonicoff
812 Derived Geometry in Twists of Gauge Theories 2 of 4
Tudor Dimofte
810 Learning to control networked-coupled subsystems with unknown dynamics
Aditya Mahajan
809 Topological Data Analysis of Collective Behavior
Dhananjay Bhaskar
808 Branes, Quivers, and BPS Algebras 3 of 4
Miroslav Rapčák
804 Cutoff for Random Walks on Random Graphs at the Entropic Time
Allan Sly
804 Differential Equations and Algebraic Geometry - 5
Andreas Malmendier
798 Towards a Mathematical Theory of Developmental Biology: Lecture 1
Geoff Schiebinger
795 Differential Equations and Algebraic Geometry - 4
Matt Kerr
794 Graphon mean field systems: large population and long time limits
Erhan Bayraktar
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Alex Dunyak
791 A variational approach to the regularity theory for optimal...
Felix Otto
785 Cytoplasmic Streaming and the Swirling Instability of the Microtubule...
Raymond Goldstein
785 Transcendental values of power series and dynamical degrees
Holly Kreiger
784 Small prime k-th power residues modulo p
Kübra Benli
783 Mitigating Epidemics: Perspectives from Stackelberg Mean Field Games...
Mathieu Lauriere
782 Programmable Human Organoids via Genetic Design and Engineering
Mo Ebrahimkhani
781 Recent progress on random field Ising model
Jian Ding
779 Sialic Acids in Membrane Organization and Receptor Function: Integrins...
Christopher Cairo
778 Differential Equations and Algebraic Geometry - 1
Hossein Movasati
777 Weak solutions to the master equation of a potential mean field game
François Delarue
777 Grothendeick Lp Problem for Gaussian Matrices
Dmitry Panchenko
776 Epitope Scaffolding using Alpha-synuclein Cyclic Peptides to Generate...
Shaen Hsueh