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650 A survey on weak optimal transport
Nathael Gozlan
649 Fractionalization and anomaly in symmetry-enriched topological phases
Meng Cheng
647 Geometry of N=2 Supersymmetry 1 of 4
Andy Neitzke
636 Environmental Escape from the Prisoner's Dilemma
Jaye Sudweeks
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Brian Lehmann
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Barak Weiss
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Benoît Perthame
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Thomas Hillen
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Daniele Agostinelli
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David Croydon
620 Non-hexagonal lattices from a two species interacting system
Xiaofeng Ren
618 Estimating transport distances via Stein's method
Max Fathi
618 Branes, Quivers, and BPS Algebras 4 of 4
Miroslav Rapčák
615 Epidemic arrivals and Antibiotic Calenders
Alastair Jamieson-Lane
614 Localized slow patterns in singularly perturbed 2-component reaction-...
Arjen Doelman
614 Footnotes to Turing (1952): Some Modern Challenges in Pattern Formation
Andrew Krause
613 Using Observations to Accurately and Efficiently Model Turbulent Flows...
Elizabeth Carlson
609 Geometry of N=2 Supersymmetry 3 of 4
Andy Neitzke
609 Finite sample rates for optimal transport estimation problems
Jan-Christian Hütter
594 Geometry of N=2 Supersymmetry 2 of 4
Andy Neitzke
594 Dynamic Self Organization and Microscale Fluid Properties of Nucleoplasm
Jay Newby
593 Geometry of N=2 Supersymmetry 4 of 4
Andy Neitzke
592 The conserved Swift-Hohenberg equation and crystallization
Edgar Knobloch
588 The Effect of Free Boundary Conditions on the Ising Model in High...
Chuck Newman
579 The Connection Between RDEs and PDEs
Louigi Addario-Berry