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1,080 Hurwitz Numbers via Topological Recursion
Reinier Kramer
1,071 Towards optimal spectral gaps in large genus
Michael Lipnowski
1,070 Geometry of Numbers: Lecture 13 of 13
Barak Weiss
1,066 A probabilistic view of the box-ball system and other discrete...
Makiko Sasada
1,065 Noise and Spike Dynamics for the Gierer-Meinhardt Equations
David Iron
1,061 A variational approach to the regularity theory for optimal...
Felix Otto
1,060 The Effect of Free Boundary Conditions on the Ising Model in High...
Chuck Newman
1,058 Environmental Escape from the Prisoner's Dilemma
Jaye Sudweeks
1,057 Geometry of Numbers: Lecture 6 of 13
Barak Weiss
1,054 An Algebraic Approach on Fusions of Synchronization Models
Hansol Park
1,053 Theory of rational curves and its arithmetic applications: Lecture 2
Brian Lehmann
1,038 Boundary Layer Solutions in the Gierer-Meinhardt System
Daniel Gomez
1,036 EKR-Module Property
Venkata Pantangi
1,035 Modular forms and their role in counting combinatorial and topological...
Josh Males
1,034 Geometry of Numbers: Lecture 5 of 13
Barak Weiss
1,033 Conformal Walk Dimension: Its Universal Value and the Non-attainment...
Naotaka Kajino
1,031 Using Observations to Accurately and Efficiently Model Turbulent Flows...
Elizabeth Carlson
1,028 Geometry of N=2 Supersymmetry 3 of 4
Andy Neitzke
1,027 The conserved Swift-Hohenberg equation and crystallization
Edgar Knobloch
1,018 Skeleta for Monomial Quiver Relations
Jesse Huang
1,017 Geometry of Numbers: Lecture 4 of 13
Barak Weiss
1,014 Recent Progress and Open Frontiers in Turing-Type Morphogenesis
Andrew Krause
1,014 Nutations in Growing Plant Shoots: Endogenous and Exogenous Factors in...
Daniele Agostinelli
1,014 Derived Geometry in Twists of Gauge Theories 1 of 4
Tudor Dimofte
1,012 Dynamical inference for biological processes through the lens of...
Stephen Zhang