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193 Dynamic Self Organization and Microscale Fluid Properties of Nucleoplasm
Jay Newby
189 Theory of rational curves and its arithmetic applications: Lecture 2
Brian Lehmann
179 Branes, Quivers, and BPS Algebras 4 of 4
Miroslav Rapčák
173 Branes, Quivers, and BPS Algebras 1 of 4
Miroslav Rapčák
162 Effect of External Flows on Sperm Flagellar Dynamics
Manish Kumar
160 Branes, Quivers, and BPS Algebras 3 of 4
Miroslav Rapčák
158 Derived Geometry in Twists of Gauge Theories 4 of 4
Tudor Dimofte
155 Information Thermodynamics of the Transition-Path Ensemble
Miranda Louwerse
155 Cytoplasmic Streaming and the Swirling Instability of the Microtubule...
Raymond Goldstein
152 Nutations in Growing Plant Shoots: Endogenous and Exogenous Factors in...
Daniele Agostinelli
149 Geometry of N=2 Supersymmetry 4 of 4
Andy Neitzke
149 Epitope Scaffolding using Alpha-synuclein Cyclic Peptides to Generate...
Shaen Hsueh
148 Geometry of N=2 Supersymmetry 1 of 4
Andy Neitzke
145 Sialic Acids in Membrane Organization and Receptor Function: Integrins...
Christopher Cairo
144 Branes, Quivers, and BPS Algebras 2 of 4
Miroslav Rapčák
143 Misfolding-Associated Exposure of Natively Buried Residues in Mutant...
Pranav garg
141 Scaling Laws and Performance Trade-offs for Collective Transport
Matthew Leighton
137 Geometry of N=2 Supersymmetry 2 of 4
Andy Neitzke
135 Geometry of N=2 Supersymmetry 3 of 4
Andy Neitzke
119 Topological Data Analysis of Collective Behavior
Dhananjay Bhaskar
118 Systematic Differences between Current Molecular Dynamics Force Fields...
Lei Yu
107 Finite sample rates for optimal transport estimation problems
Jan-Christian Hütter
100 Derived Geometry in Twists of Gauge Theories 1 of 4
Tudor Dimofte
99 Fractional T1 Relaxation from Magnetization Transfer in Wood:...
Luke Reynolds
97 Elliptic Fibrations and Singularities to Anomalies and Spectra 1 of 4
Monica Jinwoo Kang