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Differential Equations and Algebraic Geometry - 3 Adrian Clingher Wed, Nov 3, 2021
Differential Equations and Algebraic Geometry - 2 Hossein Movasati Sat, Oct 30, 2021
Mitigating Epidemics: Perspectives from Stackelberg Mean Field Games and Graphon Games Mathieu Lauriere Fri, Oct 29, 2021
On nonlocal interactions in mean field games - Part 1 Levon Nurbekyan Fri, Oct 29, 2021
On nonlocal interactions in mean field games - Part 2 Levon Nurbekyan Fri, Oct 29, 2021
A case study on stochastic games on large graphs in mean field and sparse regimes Agathe Soret Fri, Oct 29, 2021
Graphon spectral decompositions for LQG control and games Shuang Gao Fri, Oct 29, 2021
Featured Graphons with Applications to SIR Models Alex Dunyak Fri, Oct 29, 2021
Mean-Field Game for Collective Decision-Making in Honeybees via Switched Systems Dario Bauso Fri, Oct 29, 2021
On Critical nodes for Linear Quadratic Gaussian Graphon Mean Field Games Rinel Foguen Tchuendom Thu, Oct 28, 2021
Gradient estimate of HJB and its applications in Graphon Mean Field Game Qingshuo Song Thu, Oct 28, 2021
Graphon Mean Field Games and the GMFG Equations Peter Caines Thu, Oct 28, 2021
Graphon games within the framework of Fubini extensions René Carmona Thu, Oct 28, 2021
Learning to control networked-coupled subsystems with unknown dynamics Aditya Mahajan Thu, Oct 28, 2021
Weak solutions to the master equation of a potential mean field game François Delarue Thu, Oct 28, 2021
Understanding data and agents' interaction patterns in large networks using GNNs Joao Saude Wed, Oct 27, 2021
Two-stage enrichment clinical trial design with adjustment for misclassification in predictive biomarkers Yong Lin Wed, Oct 27, 2021
Linear quadratic evacuation mean-field game models with negative definite state cost matrices Roland Malhamé Wed, Oct 27, 2021
Solving dynamic user equilibrium by mean field routing game with explicit congestion dynamics Theophile Cabannes Wed, Oct 27, 2021
Differential Equations and Algebraic Geometry - 1 Hossein Movasati Wed, Oct 27, 2021
Quantum Operations as Resources Thomas Theurer Wed, Oct 27, 2021
Networked Mean Field Games with Elements of Robustness and Learning Tamer Başar Wed, Oct 27, 2021
Local dynamics for large sparse networks of interacting diffusions Daniel Lacker Tue, Oct 26, 2021
Long time limits and concentration bounds for graphon mean field systems Ruoyu Wu Tue, Oct 26, 2021
Describing interacting particle systems via partial differential equations and graphons Fabio Coppini Tue, Oct 26, 2021
Graphon mean field systems: large population and long time limits Erhan Bayraktar Tue, Oct 26, 2021
Epidemic Model-Based Benchmark for Optimal Control on Networks Yaroslav V. Salii Tue, Oct 26, 2021
Controlling Human Microbiota Yang-Yu Liu Tue, Oct 26, 2021
2021 PIMS-UBC Math Job Forum for Postdoctoral Fellows & Graduate Students Moderator: Stephanie van Willigenburg Fri, Oct 22, 2021
Conditional Sampling with Block-Triangular Transport Maps Bamdad Hosseini Thu, Oct 21, 2021
The Connection Between RDEs and PDEs Louigi Addario-Berry Thu, Oct 14, 2021
Programmable Human Organoids via Genetic Design and Engineering Mo Ebrahimkhani Wed, Oct 13, 2021
Variational Autoencoders: an introduction to new applications and a new regularization approach Cedric Beaulac Wed, Oct 13, 2021
High-Order Accuracy Computation of Coupling Functions for Strongly Coupled Oscillators Youngmin Park Wed, Oct 13, 2021
Footnotes to Turing (1952): Some Modern Challenges in Pattern Formation Andrew Krause Wed, Oct 6, 2021
Optimal Study Design for Reducing Variances of Coefficient Estimators in Change-Point Models Li Xing Wed, Oct 6, 2021
Finite sample rates for optimal transport estimation problems Jan-Christian Hütter Thu, Sep 30, 2021
Topological Data Analysis of Collective Behavior Dhananjay Bhaskar Wed, Sep 29, 2021
Unsolved Problems in Number Theory Ben Green Wed, Sep 29, 2021
Using Observations to Accurately and Efficiently Model Turbulent Flows: Parameter Recovery, Sensitivity Analysis, Nonlinear Data Assimilation Algorithms, and a Real-World Implementation. Elizabeth Carlson Wed, Sep 29, 2021
Isomorphic reverse isoperimetry and Lipschitz extension Assaf Naor Thu, Sep 23, 2021
A reproducing kernel Hilbert space framework for functional classification Peijun Sang Wed, Sep 22, 2021
Large Systems of Interacting Particles and their Applications in Optimization Hui Huang Wed, Sep 15, 2021
Branes, Quivers, and BPS Algebras 4 of 4 Miroslav Rapčák Thu, Aug 26, 2021
Geometry of N=2 Supersymmetry 4 of 4 Andy Neitzke Thu, Aug 26, 2021
Derived Geometry in Twists of Gauge Theories 4 of 4 Tudor Dimofte Thu, Aug 26, 2021
Elliptic Fibrations and Singularities to Anomalies and Spectra 4 of 4 Monica Jinwoo Kang Thu, Aug 26, 2021
Branes, Quivers, and BPS Algebras 3 of 4 Miroslav Rapčák Wed, Aug 25, 2021
Geometry of N=2 Supersymmetry 3 of 4 Andy Neitzke Wed, Aug 25, 2021
Derived Geometry in Twists of Gauge Theories 3 of 4 Tudor Dimofte Wed, Aug 25, 2021