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996 A new explicit bound for the Riemann zeta function
Ghaith Hiary
995 Least quadratic non-residue and related problems
Enrique Treviño
994 Selberg's central limit theorem for quadratic Dirichlet $L$-...
Allysa Lumley
994 The principal Chebotarev density theorem
Kelly O'Connor
993 Dynamics and Wakes of a Fixed and Freely Moving Angular Particle in an...
Guodong Gai
991 Statistical Estimation with Differential Privacy
Gautam Kamath
991 Fubini foiled: pathological foliations from symbolic codings
Aaron Calderon
989 Floer Homotopy 4
Mohammed Abouzaid
988 Agent-based modelling and topological data analysis of zebrafish...
Bjorn Sandstede
984 A walk on Legendre paths
Youness Lamzouri
980 An extension of Venkatesh's converse theorem to the Selberg class
Min Lee
978 Floer Homology Fundamentals 5
Catherine Cannizzo
977 The third moment of quadratic $L$-Functions
Ian Whitehead
974 Moments and periods for $GL(3)$
Chung-Hang Kwan
973 One-level density of zeros of Dirichlet L-functions over function fields
Hua Lin
969 Multivariate Symmetry: Distribution-Free Testing via Optimal Transport
Bodhisattva Sen
966 Floer Homology Applications 1
Jeff Hicks
964 Floer Homology Applications 3
Jeff Hicks
962 Recent results in interface motions in the framework of optimal...
Inwon Kim
959 An explicit error term in the prime number theorem for large x
Daniel Johnston
949 Gaps in the sequence square root n mod 1
Keivan Mallahi-Karai
948 Distributions of sums of the divisor function over function fields
Matilde Lalín
947 Geodesic restrictions of Maass forms and moments of Hecke $L$-functions
Peter Humphries
941 Floer Homology Fundamentals 6
Nate Bottman
933 Averages of long Dirichlet polynomials with modular coefficients
Alessandro Fazzari