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272 AI for Science; and the Implication for Mathematics
Weinan E
270 $L^p$-norm bounds for automorphic forms
Rizwanur Khan
266 Floer Homotopy 2
Mohammed Abouzaid
264 Asymptotic mean square of product of higher derivatives of the zeta-...
Mithun Das
263 Distributions of sums of the divisor function over function fields
Matilde Lalín
263 Floer Homology Fundamentals 5
Catherine Cannizzo
260 Averages of long Dirichlet polynomials with modular coefficients
Alessandro Fazzari
259 Fubini foiled: pathological foliations from symbolic codings
Aaron Calderon
257 Floer Homology Applications 2
Jeff Hicks
256 Floer Homology Fundamentals 8
Nate Bottman
256 Moments and Periods for GL(3)
Chung-Hang (Kevin) Kwan
253 Selberg's central limit theorem for quadratic Dirichlet $L$-...
Allysa Lumley
252 Spectra and Smash Products 2
Cary Malkiewich
251 Siegel-Veech transform
Sayantan Khan
251 Floer Homotopy 3
Mohammed Abouzaid
247 Primes, postdocs and pretentiousness
Andrew Granville
247 Extreme Values of the Riemann Zeta Function and Dirichlet L-functions...
Shashank Chorge
245 A knot Floer stable homotopy type
Ciprian Manolescu
241 Double square moments and bounds for resonance sums for cusp forms
Praneel Samanta
236 Floer Homology Fundamentals 9
Catherine Cannizzo
234 Torsion points and concurrent lines on Del Pezzo surfaces of degree one
Julie Desjardins
234 The question of q, a look at the interplay of number theory and ergodic...
Joseph Vandehey
233 Spectra and Smash Products 3
Cary Malkiewich
227 Gaps in the sequence square root n mod 1
Keivan Mallahi-Karai
227 Pointwise ergodic theorem along a subsequence of integers
Sovanlal Mondal