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774 On the Quality of the ABC-Solutions
Solaleh Bolvardizadeh
772 Effect of Dependence on the Convergence of Empirical Wasserstein...
Nabarun Deb
770 Sums of Fibonacci numbers close to a power of 2
Elchin Hasanalizade
769 Least quadratic non-residue and related problems
Enrique Treviño
768 Negative moments of the Riemann zeta function
Alexandra Florea
768 The generalised Shanks's conjecture
Andrew Pearce-Crump
763 Predicting rain and lightning using statistical and machine learning...
Courtney Schumacher
762 Symplectomorphisms mirror to birational transformations of P^2
Abigail Ward
761 Floer Homology Fundamentals 3
Catherine Cannizzo
754 Double square moments and bounds for resonance sums for cusp forms
Praneel Samanta
752 $L^p$-norm bounds for automorphic forms
Rizwanur Khan
748 Selberg's central limit theorem for quadratic Dirichlet $L$-...
Allysa Lumley
747 Theta-finite pro-Hermitian vector bundles from loop groups elements
Mathieu Dutour
747 SALSA, PICANTE y VERDE: Machine Learning attacks on LWE with small...
Kristin Lauter
747 SALSA, PICANTE y VERDE: Machine Learning attacks on LWE with small...
745 Floer Homology Applications 1
Jeff Hicks
745 The third moment of quadratic $L$-Functions
Ian Whitehead
745 A construction of Bowen-Margulis measure (Main talk)
Pouya Honaryar
742 A walk on Legendre paths
Youness Lamzouri
740 A new explicit bound for the Riemann zeta function
Ghaith Hiary
739 String Topology 3
Katherine Poirier
738 Torsion points and concurrent lines on Del Pezzo surfaces of degree one
Julie Desjardins
737 Floer Homotopy 4
Mohammed Abouzaid
735 Floer Homology Applications 3
Jeff Hicks
735 Fubini foiled: pathological foliations from symbolic codings
Aaron Calderon