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557 Quantum symmetries of finite dimensional algebras
Amrei Oswald
555 Forgotten conjectures of Andrews for Nahm-type sums
Joshua Males
549 Optimal transport in statistics and Pitman efficient multivariate...
Nabarun Deb, UBC
540 Euler's divergent series and primes in arithmetic progressions
Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen
530 Exceptional Chebyshev's bias over finite fields
Alexandre Bailleul
528 Understanding form and function in vascular tumours
Helen Byrne
526 Total Variation Flow on metric measure spaces
Cintia Pacchiano (UAlberta)
523 Expansion, divisibility and parity
Harald Andrés Helfgott
515 Mathematics for Humanity
Laleh Behjat
511 A Nonsmooth Approach to Einstein's Theory of Gravity
Robert McCann
508 Orienteering on Supersingular Isogeny Volcanoes Using One Endomorphism
Renate Scheidler
506 Twelve on the twelfth
Kristine Bauer
497 Free boundary problems in optimal transportation
Jiakun Liu
494 An invitation to the algebraic geometry over idempotent semirings -...
Cristhian Garay
492 Generalized valuations and idempotization of schemes
Cristhian Garay
485 Convergence of resistances on generalized Sierpinski carpets
Shiping Cao
482 Sign changes of the error term in the Piltz divisor problem
Cruz Castillo
482 Shifted divergences for sampling, privacy, and beyond
Jason Altschuler
473 An invitation to the algebraic geometry over idempotent semirings -...
Cristhian Garay
462 Sources, sinks, and sea lice: determining patch contribution and...
Peter Harrington, UBC
455 Essential normality of Bergman modules on egg domains
Mohammad Jabbari
453 On illumination number of bodies of constant width
Andrii Arman
448 Existence, Stability and Slow Dynamics of Spikes in a 1D Minimal Keller...
Fanze Kong
438 Equivalences of Categories of Modules Over Quantum Groups and Vertex...
Matthew Rupert
438 An explicit estimate on the mean value of the error in the prime number...
Michaela Cully-Hugill