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466 Recent advances in dynamical optimal transport: Lecture 3
Jan Maas
463 Floer Homology Fundamentals 7
Nate Bottman
461 Gross substitutes, optimal transport and matching models: Lecture 2
Alfred Galichon
453 Quantum variance for automorphic forms
Bingrong Huang,
450 Gross substitutes, optimal transport and matching models: Lecture 3
Alfred Galichon
447 Limitations to equidistribution in arithmetic progressions
Aditi Savalia
447 Moments and Periods for GL(3)
Chung-Hang (Kevin) Kwan
445 Learning Tasks in the Wasserstein Space
Caroline Moosmueller
445 Recent results in interface motions in the framework of optimal...
Inwon Kim
436 Twisted first moment of $GL(3)\times GL(2)$ $L$-function
Jakob Streipel
436 Quadratic Twists of Modular L-functions
Xiannan Li
436 Floer Homology Fundamentals 3
Catherine Cannizzo
435 No IET is Mixing
Gianluca Faraco
429 Symplectomorphisms mirror to birational transformations of P^2
Abigail Ward
426 Floer Homology Applications 1
Jeff Hicks
423 Negative moments of the Riemann zeta function
Alexandra Florea
421 String Topology 1
Katherine Poirier
421 Asymptotic mean square of product of higher derivatives of the zeta-...
Mithun Das
415 Floer Homology Applications 3
Jeff Hicks
415 Logging of the zeta-function, but only for a few moments!
Tim Trudgian
413 Negative moments of the Riemann zeta-function
Alexandra Florea
407 The third moment of quadratic $L$-Functions
Ian Whitehead
407 Moments and periods for $GL(3)$
Chung-Hang Kwan
401 Geodesic restrictions of Maass forms and moments of Hecke $L$-functions
Peter Humphries
399 Agent-based modelling and topological data analysis of zebrafish...
Bjorn Sandstede