Title Date Speaker
Flattening the curve and the effect of... Jun 22, 2020 Mario Santana-Cibrian
Implementation of quarantine measures... Jun 22, 2020 Mayra Núñez López
Epidemiology CovidSimABM: An Agent-Based... Jun 22, 2020 Ernie Chang
The timing and nature of behavioral... Jun 22, 2020 Rebecca Tyson
Modeling intervention strategies for... Jun 22, 2020 Ilyssa Summer
Not all interventions are equal for the... Jun 22, 2020 Joost Jorritsma
A simple criterion to design optimal... Jun 22, 2020 Marco Tulio Angulo
Impacts on community transmission and... Jun 22, 2020 Jody Reimer
Spatiotemporal Transmission Dynamics of... Jun 22, 2020 Ashok Krishnamurthy
Fast spread of SARS-CoV-2 in China, Europe... Jun 22, 2020 Ruian Ke