Title Date Speaker
OT techniques in data driven methodology:... Apr 28, 2022 Jan Obloj
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Thunderstorms in the present, past and... Mar 23, 2022 Courtney Schumacher
Directional sensing and signal integration... Mar 23, 2022 Sean Collins
Adventures with Partial Identification in... Mar 17, 2022 Simon Bonner
Wasserstein gradient flows for machine... Mar 17, 2022 Anna Korba
Feelling Fundamental Principles of Bacterial... Mar 16, 2022 Haig Alexander Eskandarian
Optimal transport theory in incomplete... Feb 24, 2022 Marc Henry
Humans Make Things Messy (Video) Feb 16, 2022 Shelby M. Scott
Asymptotic analysis of the concentration... Feb 9, 2022 Frédéric Paquin-Lefebvre