Title Date Speaker
Extreme Values of the Riemann Zeta Function... Oct 13, 2022 Shashank Chorge
Siegel-Veech transform (Video) Oct 11, 2022 Sayantan Khan
Multiplicative functions in short intervals... Oct 6, 2022 Paranedu Darbar
Actomyosin cables by mechanical self-... Oct 5, 2022 Mingfeng Qiu
Effect of Dependence on the Convergence of... Sep 29, 2022 Nabarun Deb
Rotary Molecular Motors Driven By... Sep 28, 2022 Charles S Peskin
Joint value distribution of L-functions (... Sep 22, 2022 Junxian Li
Agent-based modelling and topological data... Sep 21, 2022 Bjorn Sandstede
Furstenberg's topological x2 x3 result... Aug 16, 2022 Barak Weiss
Multiple mixing for SL(2,R) (Video) Aug 2, 2022 Jon Chaika