Title Date Speaker
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Changing the Culture Panel Discussion: How... May 14, 2021 Kseniya Garaschuk, Dan Laitsch, Cameron Morland, Rob Lovell
PIMS Education Prize 2021: Bruce Dunham (... May 14, 2021 Bruce Dunham
How to fold things into thirds, sevenths,... May 14, 2021 James Tanton
Towards optimal spectral gaps in large genus... May 13, 2021 Michael Lipnowski
Picture A Scientist Panel Discussion: Lilian... May 12, 2021 Lilian Eva (Quan) Dyck
Remarks on multi-marginals entropic optimal... May 6, 2021 Guillaume Carlier
Random Hyperbolic Surfaces Via Flat Geometry... May 6, 2021 Aaron Calderon
Optimal curvature in long-range cell-cell... May 5, 2021 Jun Allard
Conjugating flows on the moduli of hyperboic... Apr 29, 2021 James Farre