Mathematical Biology Seminar

Title Date Speaker
Mathematical modelling of the emergence and... Jul 29, 2020 Jennifer Flegg
Micro-Pharmacology: Recognizing and... Jul 22, 2020 Kasia Rejniak
Something's wrong in the (cellular)... Jul 15, 2020 Shane Hutson
The Mathematics of Life: Making Diffusion... Jun 10, 2020 Jim Keener
Multiscale multicellular modeling of tissue... May 27, 2020 James Glazier
Binocular Rivalry; Modeling by Network... May 20, 2020 Marty Golubitsky
What is epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity... May 6, 2020 Herbert Levine
Modeling strict age-targeted mitigation... Apr 22, 2020 Wesley Pegden
Multiple fission cycles in Chlamydomonas (... Apr 8, 2020 John Tyson
In Progress COVID-19 modelling (Video) Mar 25, 2020 Alastair Jamieson-Lane