Conditional estimates for logarithms and logarithmic derivatives in the Selberg class

Speaker: Neea Palojärvi

Date: Mon, Oct 16, 2023

Location: PIMS, University of Lethbridge, Zoom, Online

Conference: Analytic Aspects of L-functions and Applications to Number Theory

Subject: Mathematics, Number Theory

Class: Scientific

CRG: L-Functions in Analytic Number Theory


The Selberg class consists of functions sharing similar properties to the Riemann zeta function. The Riemann zeta function is one example of the functions in this class. The estimates for logarithms of Selberg class functions and their logarithmic derivatives are connected to, for example, primes in arithmetic progressions.
In this talk, I will discuss about effective and explicit estimates for logarithms and logarithmic derivatives of the Selberg class functions when Re(s) ≥ 1/2+ where