Title Date Speaker
Orienteering on Supersingular Isogeny... Mar 13, 2023 Renate Scheidler, UCalgary
Euler's divergent series and primes in... Mar 8, 2023 Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen
A new explicit bound for the Riemann zeta... Mar 1, 2023 Ghaith Hiary
Fluctuations in the distribution of... Feb 27, 2023 Florent Jouve, Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux (France)
The principal Chebotarev density theorem (... Feb 13, 2023 Kelly O'Connor
A logarithmic improvement in the Bombieri-... Feb 8, 2023 Alisa Sedunova
An explicit error term in the prime number... Jan 25, 2023 Daniel Johnston
Kummer Theory for Number Fields (Video) Jan 23, 2023 Antonella Perucca
Least quadratic non-residue and related... Jan 18, 2023 Enrique Treviño
Zeros of linear combinations of L-functions... Jan 11, 2023 Youness Lamzouri