Lecture Video Content by Subject Area

Title Speaker Date
Paradoxes of the Infinite: Classic Themes and Recent Results Paolo Mancosu 2018-12-05 (All day)
Regularity of interfaces in phase transitions via obstacle problems Alessio Figalli 2019-02-08 (All day)
The nonlinear eigenvalue problem: recent developments Françoise Tisseur 2019-02-14 (All day)
An Introduction to Randomized Algorithms for Matrix Computations Ilse C.F. Ipsen 2019-03-14 (All day)
Modularity of Calabi-Yau Varieties Noriko Yui 2019-04-25 (All day)
Mathematical ecology: A century of progress, and challenges for the next century Simon Levin 2019-06-15 (All day)
Public Goods, from Biofilms to Societies. Simon Levin 2019-06-15 (All day)
Geometric aspects of arithmetic statistics - 1 of 2 Jordan Ellenberg 2019-06-10 09:00
Geometric Aspects of Arithmetic Statistics - 2 of 2 Jordan Ellenberg 2019-06-10 10:15
A1-homotopy of the general linear group and a conjecture of Suslin Ben Williams 2019-06-10 14:00
A^1 enumerative geometry: counts of rational curves in P^2 - 1 of 2 Kirsten Wikelgren 2019-06-11 09:00
Point counting and topology - 1 of 2 Benson Farb 2019-06-11 10:15
The Grothendieck ring of varieties, and stabilization in the algebro-geometric setting - part 1of 2 Ravi Vakil 2019-06-11 11:30
E_2 algebras and homology - 1 of 2 Soren Galatius 2019-06-12 10:15
Conjectures, heuristics, and theorems in arithmetic statistics - 1 of 2 Wei Ho 2019-06-12 09:00
A^1 enumerative geometry: counts of rational curves in P^2 - 2 of 2 Kirsten Wikelgren 2019-06-12 11:30
Quillen's Devissage in Geometry Inna Zakharevich, 2019-06-11 14:00
Representation stability and asymptotic stability of factorization statistics Rita Jimenez-Rolland 2019-06-12 14:00
Coincidences between homological densities, predicted by arithmetic - 2 of 2 Benson Farb 2019-06-13 09:00
E_2 algebras and homology - 2 of 2 Soren Galatius 2019-06-13 10:15
The circle method and the cohomology of moduli spaces of rational curves Will Sawin 2019-06-13 11:30
Stable cohomology of complements of discriminants Orsola Tommasi 2019-06-13 14:00
Conjectures, heuristics, and theorems in arithmetic statistics - 2 of 2 Wei Ho 2019-06-14 09:00
The stable cohomology of the moduli space of curves with level structures Andrew Putman 2019-06-14 11:30
Geometricity and Galois actions on fundamental groups Daniel Litt 2019-06-14 14:00
DINOSAUR WARS: Extinction by Asteroid or Volcanism? Are we the Dinosaurs of the 6th Mass Extinction? Gerta Keller 2019-07-24 18:00
An Application of Homotopy Theory to Condensed Matter Physics Daniel Freed 2019-09-16 15:30
If Space Turned out to be Time: Resonances and Patterns in the Visual Cortex Bard Ermentrout 2019-10-09 16:00
Scalable approximation of integrals using non-reversible methods: from Riemann to Lebesgue, and why you should care Alexandre Bouchard Côté 2019-11-15 15:00
Surjectivity of random integral matrices on integral vectors Melanie Matchett Wood 2019-11-08 15:00
Variation in the descent of genome: modeling and inference Elizabeth Thompson 2019-11-20 16:00
From portfolio theory to optimal transport and Schrodinger bridge in-between Soumik Pal 2020-02-07 15:30
Computational properties of network dynamical systems Computational properties of network dynamical systems 2020-03-11 16:00
In Progress COVID-19 modelling Alastair Jamieson-Lane 2020-03-25 14:00