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Warming Caused by Cumulative Carbon Emissions: the Trillionth Tonne
Mathematics and the Planet Earth: a Long Life Together I
Mathematics and the Planet Earth: a Long Life Together II
Reconstructing carbon dioxide for the last 2000 years: a hierarchical success story
Climate Change – does it all add up?
The long road to 0.075: a statistician’s perspective of the process for setting ozone standards
Data accuracy for risk management in changing climate
Using Observations to Accurately and Efficiently Model Turbulent Flows: Parameter Recovery, Sensitivity Analysis, Nonlinear Data Assimilation Algorithms, and a Real-World Implementation.
Thunderstorms in the present, past and future
A Concise Overview on State-of-the-Art Solar Resources and Forecasting
Multivariate forecasting in energy systems with a large share of renewables
The role of wind speed variability in very long-term wind power forecasts
Offshore wind forecasting and operations for the offshore wind energy areas in the U.S. Mid Atlantic
Short-term wind forecasting using spatio-temporal covariance models
Renewable Energy Supply, Electricity Storage, and the Economics of Forecasting
A Principal-Agent model for optimal Incentives in renewable investments
Equilibrium price in intraday electricity markets
More electricity demand response for less carbon emissions
Macroeconomics and Climate
Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency
First Nation Leadership in Clean Energy and Climate Action
Privilege, agency, and the climate scientist’s role in the global warming debate
Turbulence, wakes and wind farm control
Simulating Long-Distance Wind Farm Wake Propagation Using Numerical Weather Prediction Models
Operational Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) of Hub-height Winds for Mountainous British Columbia
The Canadian regional climate model
PIMS/FACTS Panel: Tackling Climate Change and the Just Transition to Renewable Energy