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4,692 Overview of Seismic Imaging
Gary Margrave
4,690 Mathematical Cell Biology Summer Course Lecture 7
Raibatak (Dodo) Das
4,683 A BPHZ theorem for stochastic PDEs
Martin Hairer
4,675 Combinatorial Matrices
Richard A. Brualdi
4,669 Convex Optimization
Stephen Boyd
4,655 Financial Stability 2
Jean-Charles Rochet
4,642 Density of states for alpha-stable processes
Dorota Kowalska
4,636 A Functional Integral Representation for Many Boson Systems
Joel Feldman
4,635 New geometric and functional analytic ideas arising from problems in...
Helmut Hofer
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Jean-Charles Rochet
4,626 The critical points of lattice trees and lattice animals in high...
Yuri Mejia
4,623 Quantum Magic in Secret Communication
Gilles Brassard
4,622 Integral representations for the self-avoiding walk
Gordon Slade
4,613 Cut points for simple random walks
Daisuke Shiraishi
4,611 Optimal transportation with capacity constraints
Robert McCann
4,608 "Mathematical Social Sciences;" An Oxymoron?
Donald G. Saari
4,582 Kirchhoff Scattering Inversion
Chuck Ursenbach
4,577 Wave-equation Migration
Robert J. Ferguson
4,576 Disease Dynamics 2013 (Photos)
4,574 String Theory Compactification with/without Torsion
Piljin Yi
4,565 Switches, Oscillators (and the Cell Cycle)
Leah Edelstein-Keshet
4,565 PIMS-SFU Undergraduate Summer School on Rigorous Computing
4,563 Models of T cell activation based on TCR-pMHC bond kinetics
Daniel Coombs
4,560 Microtubules, - polymer size distribution - and other balance equation...
Leah Edelstein-Keshet
4,559 A topological look at the vector (cross) product in three dimensions
Peter Zvengrowski