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3,096 Kirchhoff Scattering Inversion
Chuck Ursenbach
3,088 Interacting Particle Systems 6
Omer Angel
3,084 Interacting Particle Systems 13
Omer Angel
3,076 The Stability of Steady-State Hot-Spot Patterns for Reaction-Diffusion...
Michael Ward
3,074 Raising the Floor and Lifting The Ceiling: Math For All (Slides)
Sharon Friesen
3,066 High Dimensional Expanders and Ramanujan Complexes
Alexander Lubotzky
3,066 Brains and Frogs: Structured Population Models
Kerry Landman
3,065 Second Bounded Cohomology
Mladen Bestvina
3,061 On Long-Run Covariance Matrix Estimation with the Truncated Flat Kernel
Shinichi Sakata
3,050 Hydrodynamic limits for a reaction diffusion system
Wai Fan
3,042 Interacting Particle Systems 3
Omer Angel
3,042 Random Maps 6
Gregory Miermont
3,038 Paths of minimal lengths on the set of exact differential k–forms
Wilfrid Gangbo
3,029 Convex Optimization
Stephen Boyd
3,027 Math Modeling in Indudustry Team 7
Tom Hogan
3,025 Modeling the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases
Bryan Grenfell
3,019 Math Modeling in Indudustry Team 6
Albert Gilg
3,016 Modeling Spotting in Wildland Fire
Jonathan Martin
3,014 Random Walk in Random Scenery
Frank den Hollander
3,013 Random Maps 4
Gregory Miermont
3,012 String Theory Compactification with/without Torsion
Piljin Yi
3,007 Finding Equilibrium Points (Part II)
Alejandro Jofré
3,007 Finding Equilibrium Points (Part II)
Roger J-B Wets
3,007 Finding Equilibrium Points (Part II)
Ralph Tyrrell Rockafellar
3,007 Finding Equilibrium Points (Part II)
Michael C. Ferris