Twelve on the twelfth

Speaker: Kristine Bauer

Date: Fri, May 12, 2023

Location: PIMS, University of Lethbridge, Zoom, Online

Conference: A Day to Celebrate Women and Diversity in Mathematics

Subject: Mathematics

Class: Scientific


The under representation of women, especially women of color, has been persistently well documented (see for example the data dashboard on One reason that this is a problem is that it can be difficult for women to identify role models - this can in turn make it harder for women to envision their own success. During my career, I found it very helpful to learn the stories of women in STEM and to draw on aspects of their success to try to invent my own path. In this talk, I will retell twelve stories of women in STEM that influenced me. I can’t promise that the stories will be historically accurate, but I will try to say what I learned from the stories as I heard them and what lessons I hope others might take from them as well.