Non Classical Flag Domains and Spencer Resolutions

Speaker: Phillip Griffiths

Date: Wed, Jun 19, 2013

Location: PIMS, University of British Columbia

Conference: Recent advances in Hodge theory

Subject: Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations

Class: Scientific


This talk has two parts. The common themes are the very interesting properties of flag domains and their quotients by discrete subgroups present only in the non-classical case. The first part will give a general overview of these properties, especially as they relate to several of the other talks being presented at this conference. The second part will focus on one particular property in the non-classical case. When suitably localized, the Harish-Chandra modules associated to discrete series -- especially the non-holomorphic and totally degenerate limits (TDLDS) of such -- may be canonically realized as the solution space to a holomorphic, linear PDE system. The invariants of the PDE system then relate to properties of the Harish-Chandra module: e.g., its tableau gives the K-type. Conversely, the representation theory, especially in the case of TDLDS, suggest interesting new issues in linear PDE theory.