Title Date Speaker
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Localized Patterns in Population Models with... Mar 1, 2023 Fanze Kong
The Emergence of Spatial Patterns for... Jan 11, 2023 Merlin Pelz
Influence of the endothelial surface layer... Oct 26, 2022 Ying Zhang
Agent-based models: from bacterial... Oct 19, 2022 Theodore Kolokolnikov
Resource-mediated competition between two... Oct 14, 2022 Chunyi Gai
Multiplicative functions in short intervals... Oct 6, 2022 Paranedu Darbar
Actomyosin cables by mechanical self-... Oct 5, 2022 Mingfeng Qiu
Effect of Dependence on the Convergence of... Sep 29, 2022 Nabarun Deb
Rotary Molecular Motors Driven By... Sep 28, 2022 Charles S Peskin