Title Date Speaker
Agent-based modelling and topological data... Sep 21, 2022 Bjorn Sandstede
2022 Celebration of Women in Mathematics -... May 12, 2022 Manuela Golban, Avleen Kaur, Deniz Sezer, Rekha R. Thomas
A moment with L-functions (Video) May 12, 2022 Matilde Lalín
Feelling Fundamental Principles of Bacterial... Mar 16, 2022 Haig Alexander Eskandarian
Humans Make Things Messy (Video) Feb 16, 2022 Shelby M. Scott
Asymptotic analysis of the concentration... Feb 9, 2022 Frédéric Paquin-Lefebvre
Emergence of diverse collective behaviors... Dec 10, 2021 Jack Tisdell
An Algebraic Approach on Fusions of... Dec 8, 2021 Hansol Park
Single-molecule insights for DNA/RNA/protein... Nov 3, 2021 Sabrina Leslie
Programmable Human Organoids via Genetic... Oct 13, 2021 Mo Ebrahimkhani