Comparative Prime Number Theory

Title Date Speaker
Almost periodicity and large oscillations of... Jun 21, 2024 Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta
A race problem arising from elliptic curves... Jun 21, 2024 Kin Ming Tsang
Ramanujan sums and the Hardy–Littlewood... Jun 21, 2024 Shivani Goel
Number theory versus random matrix theory:... Jun 21, 2024 Andrew Pearce-Crump
Zero-free regions of the Riemann zeta-... Jun 21, 2024 Andrew Yang
Spacing statistics of the Farey sequence (... Jun 21, 2024 Bittu
Unconditional comparative prime number... Jun 21, 2024 Alexandre Bailleul
Oscillation results for the summatory... Jun 20, 2024 Chi Hoi (Kyle) Yip
On the generalised Dirichlet divisor problem... Jun 20, 2024 Chiara Bellotti
Average value of $\pi(t) - li(t)$ (Video) Jun 20, 2024 Daniel Johnston
Moments in the Chebotarev density theorem (... Jun 20, 2024 Florent Jouve
The Riemann hypothesis via the generalized... Jun 20, 2024 Saloni Sinha
A simple proof of the Wiener–Ikehara... Jun 19, 2024 Jagannath Sahoo
Shifting the ordinates of zeros of the... Jun 19, 2024 William Banks
Distribution of Gaussian primes and zeros of... Jun 19, 2024 Lucile Devin
Quantitative upper bounds related to an... Jun 18, 2024 Tian Wang
Joint Distribution of primes in multiple... Jun 18, 2024 Sun Kai Leung
Explicit estimates for the Mertens function... Jun 18, 2024 Nicol Leong
Counting “supersingularity” in arithmetic... Jun 18, 2024 Wanlin Li
A Mertens function analogue for the Rankin–... Jun 18, 2024 Amrinder Kaur
Oscillations in Mertens’ product theorem for... Jun 18, 2024 Ethan Lee
Remarks on Landau–Siegel zeros (Video) Jun 18, 2024 Debmalya Basak
The influence of the Galois group structure... Jun 18, 2024 Mounir Hayani
The distribution of analytic ranks of... Jun 17, 2024 Gyeongwon Oh
Joint distribution of central values and... Jun 17, 2024 Peng-Jie Wong
Prime Number Error Terms (Video) Jun 17, 2024 Nathan Ng
The Shanks–Rényi prime number race problem (... Jun 17, 2024 Youness Lamzouri
Fake mu's: Make Abstracts Great Again... Jun 17, 2024 Tim Trudgian