Lecture Video Content by Subject Area

Title Speaker Date
Expanders, Group Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, Cryptography and Much More Eyal Goran 2010-04-06 14:48
Introduction to Artin L-series (1 of 3) Ram Murty 2011-05-30 09:30
Artin’s holomorphy conjecture and recent progress (2 of 3) Ram Murty 2011-05-31 14:00
Special values of Artin L-series (3 of 3) Ram Murty 2011-06-01 09:00
Distribution of Values of zeta and L-functions (1 of 3) K. Soundararajan 2011-06-02 09:00
Moments of zeta and L-functions on the critical Line I (2 of 3) K. Soundararajan 2011-06-02 14:00
Moments of zeta and L-functions on the critical Line II (3 of 3) K. Soundararajan 2011-06-03 09:00
Ranks of elliptic curves Brian Conrey 2011-06-01 11:00
Numbers and Shapes Henri Darmon 2012-11-01 15:48
Cryptography: Secrets and Lies, Knowledge and Trust Avi Wigderson 2013-03-07 (All day)
The power and weakness of randomness (when you are short on time) Avi Wigderson 2013-03-08 (All day)
Native American Mathematics Edward Doolittle 2014-09-18 (All day)
The rank of elliptic curves Benedict Gross 2014-10-10 (All day)
Undecidability in Number Theory Bjorn Poonen 2014-05-26 (All day)
An arithmetic intersection formula for denominators of Igusa class polynomials Bianca Viray 2015-11-12 (All day)
OM representation of prime ideals and applications in function fields Jens Bauch 2015-12-10 (All day)
Abelian Varieties Multi-Site Seminar Series: Drew Sutherland Drew Sutherland 2016-01-12 (All day)
Lifts of Hilbert modular forms and application to modularity of Abelian varieties Clifton Cunningham 2016-02-18 (All day)
On the local Langlands conjectures Rachel Ollivier 2016-09-30 (All day)
Multivariate (phi, Gamma)-modules Kiran Kedlaya 2017-05-18 (All day)
Some specialization problems in Geometry and Number Theory Umberto Zannier 2018-03-02 (All day)
Class Numbers of Certain Quadratic Fields Kalyan Chakraborty 2018-07-05 (All day)
Regular Representations of Groups Joy Morris 2020-04-07 10:00
Explicit results about primes in Chebotarev's density theorem Habiba Kadiri 2020-01-27 15:00