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Jacob S. Sagi
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Yuri Matiyasevich
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Cédric Villani
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Nataša Pržulj
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Andrea L. Bertozzi
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Laure Saint-Raymond
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Leah Edelstein-Keshet
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Veselin Jungic
3,834 Small Number and the Old Canoe
Rena Sinclair
3,834 Small Number and the Old Canoe
Mark Maclean
3,824 On Fourth Order PDEs Modelling Electrostatic Micro-Electronical Systems
Nassif Ghoussoub
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Gunther Uhlmann
3,813 Diffusion, Reaction, and Biological pattern formation
Leah Edelstein-Keshet
3,809 An Excitable Contractile Cell
Leah Edelstein-Keshet
3,789 Strong Oracle Optimality of Folded Concave Penalized Estimation
Jianqing Fan
3,781 Continuous-time Models in Corporate Finance
Jean-Charles Rochet
3,762 Gauge Theory and Khovanov Homology
Edward Witten
3,749 Embedding questions in symplectic geometry
Dusa McDuff
3,747 Virtual Lung Project at UNC: What's Math Got To Do With It?
Gregory Forest
3,737 Fluctuations study for type-dependent stochastic spin models
Manuel González Navarrete
3,735 Predicting Criminal Incidents Using Geographic, Demographic, and...
Donald E. Brown
3,719 Correlation functions in the 2D Ising model via signed loops and paths
Marcin Lis
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