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Rena Sinclair
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Margot Gerritsen
6,614 UBC Colloquium and PIMS Distinguished Guest Lecturer: Thomas Scanlon
6,604 Potential Infinity: A modal account
Stewart Shapiro
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Cécile Penland
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Yuri Matiyasevich
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George Papanicolaou
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Cristian Rios
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Jim Zidek
6,463 Explicit Methods for Abelian Varieties: Kick-off Workshop
6,415 Limit theorems for conditioned non-generic Galton-Watson trees
Igor Kortchemski
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Hugo Duminil-Copin
6,280 Communication-­ Avoiding Algorithms for Linear Algebra and Beyond
James Demmel
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Chris Budd
6,155 Hot Topics in Computational Criminology
6,138 The Life and Numbers of Richard Guy
Hugh Williams
6,132 The effect of vaccination on influenza’s rate of antigenic drift
Katia Koelle
6,122 Hyperplane Arrangements and Applications
6,079 Intro to Inverse Problems in Exploration Seismology
M. D. Sacchi
6,061 It’s All in the Follow Through – what research in math education says...
Rob Craigen
6,026 Recent Advances in Hodge Theory
5,999 Regular Permutation Groups and Cayley Graphs
Cheryl E. Praeger
5,988 Pumps, Maps and Pea Soup: Spatio-temporal methods in environmental...
Gavin Shaddick
5,967 Multivariable Operator Theory and Dilation Theory
Kenneth R. Davidson
5,957 Numbers and Shapes
Henri Darmon