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6,238 UBC Colloquium and PIMS Distinguished Guest Lecturer: Thomas Scanlon
6,221 How Does Google Google? The Math Behind the Internet
Margot Gerritsen
6,196 On Hilbert's 10th Problem - Part 1 of 4
Yuri Matiyasevich
6,195 Hugh C. Morris Lecture: George Papanicolaou
George Papanicolaou
6,135 Potential Infinity: A modal account
Stewart Shapiro
6,121 Limit theorems for conditioned non-generic Galton-Watson trees
Igor Kortchemski
5,905 Graphical approach to lattice spin models - Lecture 3
Hugo Duminil-Copin
5,868 Prison Guard’s Dilemma: Optimal Inmate Assignment by Multi-Objective...
Dr. Tamás Terlaky, Lehigh University
5,822 Hot Topics in Computational Criminology
5,817 The Multiple Scales of El Niño
Cécile Penland
5,769 Hyperplane Arrangements and Applications
5,762 Intro to Inverse Problems in Exploration Seismology
M. D. Sacchi
5,744 It’s a Mathematical World
Cristian Rios
5,731 The long road to 0.075: a statistician’s perspective of the process for...
Jim Zidek
5,703 The Life and Numbers of Richard Guy
Hugh Williams
5,680 Pumps, Maps and Pea Soup: Spatio-temporal methods in environmental...
Gavin Shaddick
5,677 Numbers and Shapes
Henri Darmon
5,659 Expanders, Group Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, Cryptography and Much More
Eyal Goran
5,657 Introduction to Artin L-series (1 of 3)
Ram Murty
5,632 Regular Permutation Groups and Cayley Graphs
Cheryl E. Praeger
5,618 Phase Transitions for Interacting Diffusions
Frank den Hollander
5,590 Distributional fixed points and attractors in queueing theory.
Sergio Ivan Lopez Ortega
5,573 Multivariable Operator Theory and Dilation Theory
Kenneth R. Davidson
5,573 PIMS/UBC Math Department Grad Student/Postdoc Job Forum
5,573 Recent Advances in Hodge Theory