Title Date Speaker
Fourier optimization and the least quadratic... Jan 29, 2024 Emily Quesada-Herrera
Projective Planes and Hadamard Matrices (... Jan 24, 2024 Hadi Kharaghani
Mean values of long Dirichlet polynomials (... Jan 22, 2024 Winston Heap
Explicit bounds for $\zeta$ and a new zero... Jan 16, 2024 Chiara Bellotti
The size function for imaginary cyclic... Nov 28, 2023 Ha Tran
Twisted moments of characteristic... Nov 27, 2023 Siegfred Baluyot
A survey of Büthe's method for... Nov 21, 2023 Sreerupa Bhattacharjee
Characteristic polynomials, the Hybrid model... Nov 20, 2023 Andrew Pearce-Crump
Some Pólya Fields of Small Degrees (Video) Nov 7, 2023 Abbas Maarefparvar
The eighth moment of $\Gamma_1(q)$ L-... Nov 6, 2023 Vorrapan Chandee