On the Chromatic Number of Graphs and Set Systems

András Hajnal
Wed, Sep 1, 2004
University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
PIMS Distinguished Chair Lectures

During this series of lectures, we are talking about infinite graphs and set systems, so this will be infinite combinatorics. This subject was initiated by Paul Erdös in the late 1940’s.

I will try to show in these lectures how it becomes an important part of modern set theory, first serving as a test case for modern tools, but also influencing their developments.

In the first few of the lectures, I will pretend that I am talking about a joint work of István Juhász, Saharon Shelah and myself [23].

The actual highly technical result of this paper that appeared in the Fundamenta in 2000 will only be stated in the second or the third part of these lectures. Meanwhile I will introduce the main concepts and state—--and sometimes prove—--simple results about them.