UBC Number Theory Seminar

Title Date Speaker
Generic Representations and ABV packets for... Apr 18, 2024 Sarah Dijols
Hypergeometric functions through the... Apr 11, 2024 Ling Long
Pro-p Iwahori Invariants (Video) Mar 21, 2024 Emanuele Bodon
Analogues of the Hilbert Irreducibility... Mar 14, 2024 Simone Coccia
A Conjecture of Mazur predicting the growth... Feb 8, 2024 Debanjana Kundu
Collision of orbits under the action of a... Feb 1, 2024 Dragos Ghioca
Sums of proper divisors with missing digits... Jan 25, 2024 Kübra Benli
Equidistribution of some families of short... Jan 18, 2024 Théo Untrau
Examples of well-behaved Beurling number... Dec 7, 2023 Frederik Broucke
Local to global principle for higher moments... Nov 30, 2023 Severin Schraven
Statistics of the Mulitiplicative Groups (... Nov 2, 2023 Greg Martin
On sums of coefficients of polynomials... Oct 19, 2023 Venkata Raghu Tej Pantangi
On some explicit results for the sum of... Oct 5, 2023 Elchin Hasanalizade