Automata Theory and Symbolic Dynamics

Title Date Speaker
OPEN PROBLEMS SESSION 1 (Notes) 2013 Karl Petersen
Strong shift equivalence of matrices over a... 2013 Mike Boyle
OPEN PROBLEMS SESSION 2 (Notes) 2013 Christophe Reutenauer
A characterization of p-automatic sequences... 2013 Reem Yassawi
Conjugacy and equivalence of weighted... 2013 Jacques Sakarovitch
Entropy minimality of Zd shifts of nite... 2013 Michael H. Schraudner
"Con uence" in Ito-Sadahiro number... 2013 Tomá Vávra
Symbolic covers of toral automorphisms (... 2013 Klaus Schmidt, Vienna
Hardness of Conjugacy, Embedding and... 2013 Emmanuel Jeandel, Pascal Vanier
Auto-similarity in rational base number... 2013 Victor Marsault
Subshifts of linear complexity and subgroups... 2013 Dominique Perrin
Automata Theory and Symbolic Dynamics (Photo... 2013
Conjugacy of Functional Transducers (Notes) 2013 Sylvain Lombardy
Shifts of nite type with nearly full... 2013 Ronnie Pavlov
Local Rules for Computable Planar Tilings (... 2013 T. Fernique, M. Sablik
Expansion subshifts of Mobius number systems... 2013 Petr Kurka
k-block versus 1-block parallel addition in... 2013 Christiane Frougny, Pavel Heller, Edita Pelantova, Milena Svobodova
Computability in Multidimensional Symbolic... 2013 E. Jeandel
Contextfreeness in Symbolic Dynamics (Notes) 2013 Wolfgang Krieger
Characterizing possible typical asymptotic... 2013 Benjamin Hellouin de Menibus
Regular Splicing Languages (Notes) 2013 Nataša Jonoska
Multidimensional Effective Subshifts (Notes) 2013 Nathalie Aubrun, Mathieu Sablik
A maximal entropy stochastic process for a... 2013 Nicolas Basset
Markov diagrams for some non-Markovian... 2013 Kathleen Carroll, Karl Petersen
A categorical invariant of flow equivalence... 2013 Alfredo Costa
µ - Equicontinuity and weak convergence in... 2013 Felipe García-Ramos
Characterizing some limit sets of Cellular... 2013 Alexis Ballier
Pisot numeration systems and beyond (Notes) 2013 V. Berthé, W. Steiner, J. Thuswaldner
Markov Random Fields and the Pivot Property... 2013 Nishant Chandgotia
Entropy of tree automata, joint spectral... 2013 Catalin Dima
Timed automata: models, languages, dynamics... 2013 Eugene Asarin