Title Date Speaker
Predicting rain and lightning using... Mar 17, 2022 Courtney Schumacher
The Mathematical Sciences in Medieval Islam... Mar 30, 2021 Glen Van Brummelen
Reconsidering the History of Mathematics in... Mar 25, 2021 Clemency Montelle
So where exactly did algebra come from? Hint... Mar 18, 2021 Piers Bursill-Hall
Mathematics, Colonization and Empire (Video) Mar 4, 2021 Tom Archibald, SFU
The Multiple Scales of El Niño (Notes) Jul 30, 2007 Cécile Penland
Theory of Equatorially Trapped Waves (Notes) Jul 30, 2007 Andrew J. Majda
Waves and Instabilities in Idealized Model... Jul 30, 2007 Boualem Khouider
Atmospheric Convection (Notes) Jul 30, 2007 Phil Austin
Entropy and Orbit Equivalence (Notes) Oct 1, 2004 Daniel J. Rudolph