Title Date Speaker
Hugh C. Morris Lecture: George Papanicolaou... Nov 8, 2011 George Papanicolaou
Embedding questions in symplectic geometry... Nov 4, 2011 Dusa McDuff
The Hypoelliptic Laplacian (Video) Sep 23, 2011 Jean-Michel Bismut
A New Approach to the Bar-Cobar Duality (... Jul 18, 2011 André Joyal
The Mathematics of Doodling (Video) May 30, 2011 Ravi Vakil
Sparse Optimization Algorithms and... Apr 4, 2011 Stephen Wright
Virtual Lung Project at UNC: What's... Mar 18, 2011 Gregory Forest
New geometric and functional analytic ideas... Oct 23, 2006 to Oct 24, 2006 Helmut Hofer
Spatial Segregation of Polarity Determinants... Adriana Dawes
Mathematical Cell Biology Summer Course... Hildor