Turing and Intelligent Machines

Speaker: Nicole Wyatt

Date: Tue, Dec 4, 2012

Location: University of Calgary

Conference: Alan Turing Year

Subject: Mathematics, Computational Complexity, Information Theory and Cryptography, Computer Science

Class: Scientific


Turing's interest in the possibility of machine intelligence is probably most familiar in the form of the 'Turing Test', a version of which has been instantiated since 1991 as the Loebner Prize in Artificial Intelligence. To this date the Loebner Gold Medal has not been won. But should any future winner of the prize count themselves as having created a computer that thinks? Turing's 1950 Mind paper 'Computing Machinery and Intelligence', gives a sustained defence of the claim that a machine able to pass the test, which Turing called the Imitation Game, would indeed qualify as thinking. This lecture will explain the Turing Test as well as Turing's more general views concerning the prospects for artificial intelligence and examine both the criticisms of the test and Turing's rebuttals