Prison Guard’s Dilemma: Optimal Inmate Assignment by Multi-Objective MILO

Dr. Tamás Terlaky, Lehigh University
Tue, Jan 10, 2017
University of Calgary - Downtown Campus
Lunchbox Lecture Series

he Pennsylvania Department of Correction operates 29 correctional facilities (prisons) and about 50,000 prisoners (inmates) each year. The assignments of inmates to appropriate correctional facilities is a complex task. Well over 80 rules need to be considered. Many of them, such as the security of prison units, yield hard constraints; while others, such assigning the inmates to prisons close to their home, are arranged in a preference hierarchy because it is impossible to satisfy all for all inmates.

We are giving an overview of the complexity of the problem; discuss the data/rule collection phase of the project by using decision trees; discuss a how the MILO model is developed by using a weighted penalty objective function. Finally we discuss further extensions of the model, including waiting lists for mental/educational/job training programs, and transfers between facilities.
Based on joint work with L. Plebani, M. Shahabsafa, G. Wilson and K. Bucklen.