The Mathematics of Game Design

Dave Fracchia
Fri, Mar 10, 2017
SFU Harbour Center
Vancouver Lunchbox Lecture Series

Mathematics is integral to every aspect of game development including character and level creation, movement, player input, NPC behaviour, physics simulations, and real-time rendering. Fortunately for game designers, most of this computation is conveniently supplied by software developers and/or handled by existing game engines. However, when designing a game, lots of systems and mechanics are dependent on numbers such as weapons ranges, jump heights, experience points, damage, rewards, currency, etc., many of which can have complex inter-relationships. Although much of the math may be basic, a good understanding of the underlying equations as well as the fields of logic, probability, and statistics can be incredibly beneficial to a designer, especially when it comes to game design and balancing. This lecture will give an overview of how even the most basic knowledge of these fields can benefit a game designer.