Emergent Research: The PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow Seminar

PIMS is pleased to present an ongoing lecture series featuring the research of our postdoctoral fellows. These seminars take place every three weeks and are shared online throughout the PIMS network. Each seminar one highlights the research of a particular PDF and allows them to bringing their cutting edge research to the PIMS community.

The PIMS PDF program sponsors positions across the PIMS network each year. Outstanding young researchers are invited to apply through our mathjobs page. Applicants must be sponsored by a scientist or department affiliated with PIMS, please see the mathjobs posting for details.

To participate in the meeting, please register for the mailing list. Details and reminders for meetings will be sent out to that list.

Title Speaker Datesort ascending
Data accuracy for risk management in changing climate Chandra Rujalapati May 19, 2021 - 4:30pm
Stochasticity in an ecological model of the microbiome influences the efficacy of simulated bacteriotherapies Eric Jones April 28, 2021 - 4:30pm
The geometry of the spinning string Peter Kristel March 17, 2021 - 4:30pm
Fusion rings and their categorifications Andrew Schopieray February 24, 2021 - 5:30pm
Quantum State Transfer on Graphs Christopher van Bommel January 13, 2021 - 5:30pm
A coupling approach in the computation of geometric ergodicity for stochastic dynamics Shirou Wang December 16, 2020 - 5:30pm
Relations between \(\triangle+\cdots + \triangle + 3\triangle+\cdots + 3\triangle\) and \(\square+\cdots + \square + 3\square+\cdots + 3\square\) Zafer Selcuk Aygin November 25, 2020 - 5:30pm
Shape Recognition of Convex Bodies Sergii Myroshnychenko November 4, 2020 - 5:30pm
Packings of Partial Difference Sets Shuxing Li October 14, 2020 - 4:30pm
Random discrete surfaces Thomas Budzinski September 23, 2020 - 4:30pm