PIMS-UManitoba Distinguished Lecture

Title Date Speaker
Computational properties of network... Mar 11, 2020 to Mar 12, 2020 Peter Ashwin
Variation in the descent of genome: modeling... Nov 21, 2019 Elizabeth Thompson
If Space Turned out to be Time: Resonances... Oct 9, 2019 to Oct 10, 2019 Bard Ermentrout
An Introduction to Randomized Algorithms for... Mar 14, 2019 Ilse C.F. Ipsen
The nonlinear eigenvalue problem: recent... Feb 14, 2019 Françoise Tisseur
Optimizing Biogas Generation Using Anaerobic... Nov 27, 2018 Gail Wolkowicz
Multiplicative Complexity of Cryptographic... Oct 18, 2018 Joan Boyer
The Mathematics of Social Evolution (Video) Mar 22, 2018 Troy Day, Dave McLeod
Reconfiguration of Triangulations of a... Feb 15, 2018 Anna Lubiw
Models for the Spread of Cholera (Video) Jan 18, 2018 Pauline van den Driessche
Statistical and Data Science (Video) Jan 17, 2018 Nancy Reid
Graph Searching Games and Probabilistic... Nov 30, 2017 Anthony Bonato
Math Outreach: Many Needs, Many Ways (Video) Oct 26, 2017 Melania Alvarez
Depth Functions in Multivariate & Other... Sep 28, 2017 Robert Serfling
Quantum Graph Theory (Video) Mar 9, 2017 Vern I. Paulsen
Limit Theorems for the Frontier of One-... Nov 24, 2016 Thomas Sellke
Asynchronous Consensus (Video) Oct 20, 2016 Faith Ellen
On De Giorgi Conjecture and Beyond (Video) Sep 29, 2016 Jun-Cheng Wei
Multivariable Operator Theory and Dilation... Apr 5, 2016 Kenneth R. Davidson
Sparsity, Complexity and Practicality in... Mar 17, 2016 Mark Giesbrecht
Combinatorial Matrices (Video) Mar 1, 2016 Richard A. Brualdi