PIMS Network Wide Colloquium

Title Date Speaker
SALSA, PICANTE y VERDE: Machine Learning... Nov 16, 2023 Kristin Lauter, META
Surface sums and Yang-Mills gauge theory (... Oct 19, 2023 Scott Sheffield, MIT
Understanding arithmetic and geometry... Sep 21, 2023 Ravi Vakil
Free boundary regularity for the obstacle... Mar 23, 2023 Alessio Figalli
Understanding form and function in vascular... Feb 16, 2023 Helen Byrne
AI for Science; and the Implication for... Oct 20, 2022 Weinan E
A moment with L-functions (Video) May 12, 2022 Matilde Lalín
Transcendental values of power series and... Mar 24, 2022 Holly Kreiger
Mathematician Helping Art Historians and Art... Feb 24, 2022 Ingrid Daubechies
Monge-Kantorovich distance and PDEs (Video) Jan 20, 2022 Benoît Perthame
Z_2 harmonic spinors in gauge theory (Video) Nov 18, 2021 Rafe Mazzeo
Isomorphic reverse isoperimetry and... Sep 23, 2021 Assaf Naor
The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life... Apr 7, 2021 John Baez
From hopping particles to Macdonald and... Mar 11, 2021 Lauren K. Williams
New lower bounds for van der Waerden numbers... Feb 11, 2021 Ben Green