Title Date Speaker
Traveling pulses with oscillatory tails,... May 12, 2021 Yasumasa Nishiura
A brief overview of methods and results for... May 11, 2021 Justin Tzou
Extreme first passage times (Video) May 11, 2021 Sean Lawley
Stable spikes for a reaction-diffusion system... May 11, 2021 Matthias Winter
Modelling collective cell movement in... May 11, 2021 Philip Maini
Information and Markets (Part IV) (Notes) Jul 1, 2011 William Zame
A Variational Model for Urban Planning with... Jul 11, 2006 Guillaume Carlier, Filippo Santambrogio
Equilibrium structure of a bidimensional... Jul 11, 2006 Guillaume Carlier, Ivar Ekeland
Optimal Security Design and Dynamic Capital... Jul 1, 2006 Peter DeMarzo, Yuliy Sannikov
Dynamic Security Design (Notes) Jul 1, 2006 Bruno Biais, Thomas Mariotti, Guillaume Plantin, Jean-Charles Rochet