Title Date Speaker
Graph Density Inequalities, Sums of Squares... Feb 11, 2021 Annie Raymond
An improvement on Łuczak's connected... Feb 4, 2021 Shoham Letzter
The Erdos-Hajnal conjecture for the five-... Jan 14, 2021 Sophie Spirkl
Asymmetric Ramsey properties of random... Dec 3, 2020 Leticia Mattos, IMPA
Turán numbers for a 4-uniform hypergraph (... Nov 6, 2020 Karen Gunderson
The Cost of 2-Distinguishing Hypercubes (... Oct 29, 2020 Debra Boutin
From portfolio theory to optimal transport... Feb 7, 2020 Soumik Pal
DINOSAUR WARS: Extinction by Asteroid or... Jul 24, 2019 Gerta Keller
Public Goods, from Biofilms to Societies. (... Jun 15, 2019 Simon Levin
Mathematical ecology: A century of progress... Jun 15, 2019 Simon Levin