Alberta Mathematics Dialog

The Alberta Mathematics Dialogue promotes mathematical research across universities in the Province of Alberta and serves as a forum for discussing issues related to mathematical education and curriculum in Alberta highschools, colleges and universities. The meeting aims to be the largest gathering of professional mathematicians and mathematical educators in Alberta. It also encourages younger and senior researchers to interact and to share their expertise. Moreover, it will provide opportunities for graduate students and postdocs to give presentations on their latest projects. This is the second installment of AMD in its current format and will be the first for Lethbridge as the host of this event. This will be the fifteenth annual meeting of this kind and the second at which it will be known as the Alberta Mathematics Dialogue. 


Plenary Speakers

  • Rob Craigen,  University of Manitoba [video]
  • Richard Guy, University of Calgary [video]
  • Ram Murty, Queen’s University [video]
  • Doug Wiens, University of Alberta [video]
  • Peter Zvengrowski, University of Calgary [video]