University of Utah Seminar in Ergodic Theory

Title Date Speaker
No IET is Mixing (Video) Sep 6, 2022 Gianluca Faraco
Furstenberg's topological x2 x3 result... Aug 16, 2022 Barak Weiss
Multiple mixing for SL(2,R) (Video) Aug 2, 2022 Jon Chaika
Unique ergodicity of horocycle flows on... Jun 30, 2020 Jon Chaika
Specification and the measure of maximal... Jun 23, 2020 Vaughn Climenhaga
The counting formula of Eskin and McMullen (... Jun 9, 2020 Paul Apisa
Bohr and Measure Recurrent Sets (Video) Jun 2, 2020 Nishant Chandgotia
Bratteli-Vershik models for Cantor and Borel... May 19, 2020 Shrey Sanadhya
Veech's Criterion for a process to be... May 14, 2020 Jon Chaika
Rigidity of Geodesic Planes in Hyberbolic... May 5, 2020 Osama Khalil
Caroline Series' The modular surface... Apr 21, 2020 Claire Merriman
Boshernitzan's criterion for unique... Apr 14, 2020 Jon Chiaka