Kantorovich Initiative Seminar

Title Date Speaker
Free boundary problems in optimal... Aug 8, 2023 Jiakun Liu
Linearised Optimal Transport Distances (... May 4, 2023 Matthew Thorpe
Multivariate Symmetry: Distribution-Free... Apr 13, 2023 Bodhisattva Sen
Kantorovich operators and their ergodic... Mar 9, 2023 Nassif Ghoussoub
Adversarial training through the lens of... Feb 23, 2023 Nicolas Garcia Trillos
Bregman divergence regularization of optimal... Jan 26, 2023 Asuka Takatsu
Applications of optimal transportation in... Nov 10, 2022 Florian Gunsilius
Learning Tasks in the Wasserstein Space (... Oct 27, 2022 Caroline Moosmueller
Effect of Dependence on the Convergence of... Sep 29, 2022 Nabarun Deb
OT techniques in data driven methodology:... Apr 28, 2022 Jan Obloj
Wasserstein gradient flows for machine... Mar 17, 2022 Anna Korba
Optimal transport theory in incomplete... Feb 24, 2022 Marc Henry
A survey on weak optimal transport (Video) Jan 27, 2022 Nathael Gozlan
Estimating transport distances via Stein... Dec 2, 2021 Max Fathi
Conditional Sampling with Block-Triangular... Oct 21, 2021 Bamdad Hosseini
Finite sample rates for optimal transport... Sep 30, 2021 Jan-Christian Hütter
Remarks on multi-marginals entropic optimal... May 6, 2021 Guillaume Carlier
Searching for the most likely evolution (... Mar 25, 2021 Giovanni Conforti
Stochastic Optimal Transport, Control Theory... Feb 25, 2021 Aaron Palmer