CMS Scientific Session on Quantum Mathematics

Title Date Speaker
Connes fusion of the free fermions on the... Jun 11, 2021 Peter Kristel
SU(2) hadrons on a quantum computer (Video) Jun 11, 2021 Jinglei Zhang
Quantum applications of harmonic analysis on... Jun 11, 2021 Artur Sowa
Secure Software Leasing Without Assumptions... Jun 11, 2021 Sébastien Lord
A hidden variable model for universal... Jun 11, 2021 Cihan Okay
Entanglement of Free Fermions on Graphs (... Jun 11, 2021 Luc Vinet
Topological superconductivity in... Jun 11, 2021 Kaori Tanaka
Anomalies in (2+1)D fermionic topological... Jun 9, 2021 Maissam Barkeshli
Fractionalization and anomaly in symmetry-... Jun 9, 2021 Meng Cheng
Classification of topological orders (Video) Jun 9, 2021 Theo Johnson-Freyd
Hyperbolic band theory (Video) Jun 9, 2021 Joseph Maciejko