Photo Gallery Content by Subject Area

Summer School in Probablility 2008
PIMS Board Meeting - Fall 2011
Math Mania
PIMS/UBC Math Department Grad Student/Postdoc Job Forum
Inaugural Hugh C Morris Lecture - George Papanicolaou
PIMS/UBC Distinguished Colloquium: Dusa McDuff
Stiffness analysis of cardiac cell models: implications on real-time heart simulation
PIMS/UBC Distinguished Lecture: Emmanuel Candes
Gene Golub SIAM Summer School 2011
PIMS/UBC Distinguished Colloquium: Karl Sigmund
PIMS Public Lecture - Robert J Lang "The Modern Science of Origami"
CRM Fields PIMS Prize Lecture: Prof. Stevo Todorcevic
UBC Colloquium and PIMS Distinguished Guest Lecturer: Thomas Scanlon
IGTC 2012 Math Bio Summit
Ben Green: the Sylvester-Gallai Theorem
High Dimensional Data Analysis
Automata Theory and Symbolic Dynamics
Recent Advances in Hodge Theory
Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
Recent Trends in Stochastic Analysis Conference- Photo Gallery
Workshop on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization- Photo Gallery
Complex Fluids and Flows in Industry and Nature II- Photo Gallery
2nd Prima Congress
Symmetry, Methods, Applications and Related Fields
GAP 2014: Geometry and Physics
String Math Summer School
PIMS Undergraduate Workshop on Supersymmetry
2014 Summer School in Probability
Mathematics at the Frontier of Developmental Biology Workshop
PIMS-SFU Undergraduate Summer School on Multiple Zeta Values
2014 West Coast Algebraic Topology Summer School
PIMS Summer School on The Economics and Mathematics of Systemic Risk and the Financial Networks
IMA-PIMS Math Modeling in Industry Workshop
Big Data in Environmental Science
Explicit Methods for Abelian Varieties: Kick-off Workshop
PIMS-SFU Undergraduate Summer School on Rigorous Computing
PIMS Symposium on the Geometry and Topology of Manifolds
Conference on the Mathematics of Sea Ice
Canadian Abstract Harmonic Analysis Symposium
Women in Math
2016 Graduate Mathematical Modelling in Industry Workshop